Essential ‘No-Dig Technical Guide’ now available online

Essential ‘No-Dig Technical Guide’ now available online

Pipeline rehabilitation specialists Subterra (a RadiusPLUS trading name) were one of the principal sponsors of the creation and design of the recently published 'No-Dig Technical Guide', co-funded by trade associations PE100 + and TEPPFA, as well as Exova and Downley Consultants.

The new guide is an invaluable resource for users, specifiers and decision makers to make use of the full range of trenchless technologies available for the installation of new PE100 pipes or for the rehabilitation or replacement of existing underground pipelines using polyethylene. The guide has also been compiled to promote the experience gained over many decades on the use of polyethylene pipes to countries, who are starting to consider the challenges associated with the replacement of their underground pipeline infrastructure.

The guide incorporates a smart tool which helps specify the best pipe configuration and installation method for a particular trenchless pipe installation or rehabilitation project. "Polyethylene pipes have been used, for many years, as a material of choice in trenchless installation techniques to replace ageing infrastructures such as buried iron pipes and are a well established pipe material in the construction industry", explains Derek Muckle, Subterra's Managing Director. "Companies like Subterra have honed the techniques used in pipeline renovation or replacement to optimise efficiency, minimise costs and provide reliable results. This guide is a great tool which captures the main pipeline installation techniques that are in use and incorporates functionalities to assist users on deciding which technique and pipe type best suit their particular needs", continues Derek.

The guide is available online for free and is accessible from the PE100+ Association website, via the following link:

For more information on no-dig rehabilitation technologies, please contact Subterra on t: +44 (0)1773 582317, e: or visit our website

Subterra is the trading name for RadiusPLUS and specialises in the protection and renovation of pipelines using PE close-fit pipe lining and pipe coating technologies for the gas & oil, water, wastewater, mining and industrial sectors.

Download: Essential No-Dig Technical Guide