Radius Subterra and partners pull off hat-trick at 2018 UKSTT Awards

Radius Subterra and partners pull off hat-trick at 2018 UKSTT Awards

A consortium including South West Water Delivery Alliance H50, Kier, Arcadis and Radius Subterra have won the highly coveted UKSTT Project of the Year, the New Installation- Water & Wastewater and the Environmental awards at this year’s 24th Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony for their work on the Mayflower Water Treatment Works slip-lining project. The awards recognise companies who can demonstrate substantial and real benefits of the use of trenchless technologies, in each of the different categories.

Lynn Maclachlan, the UKSTT’s Business Development Manager commented: ‘There has been a number of changes to the UKSTT award categories this year and the quality of entries received was outstanding. The award entry ‘Mayflower WTP Whitleigh Woods Slipline’ by South West Water, Arcadis, Kier & Radius Subterra went on to win 3 awards including the new award category ‘Project of the Year’. Many congratulations to all who took part in this award winning project.’

The new Mayflower Water Treatment Works, which is under construction at a site near Roborough, north of Plymouth, will replace the existing Crownhill WTW which dates back to the 1950s and has reached the end of its service life. The construction works include the installation of a new 7 km potable water pipeline to replace the current raw water main and connect the new site with the existing distribution network from Crownhill.

A section of the existing 1,000 mm ductile iron raw water main is located near Whitleigh Wood, an ancient woodland managed by the Woodland Trust. The environmental sensitivity of this natural spot meant that using the traditional open-cut technique to install the new pipe would be unsustainable and contractor Kier engaged Radius Subterra to determine the feasibility of using trenchless installation techniques.

Radius Subterra offers unique, innovative and cost effective pipeline rehabilitation solutions for water and wastewater networks, using trenchless installation techniques. By eliminating the excavation requirements of traditional installation methods, Radius Subterra’s specialist technologies can be used in areas of restricted access, with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and structures.

For this particular project, Radius Subterra recommended using slip-lining, a simple trenchless installation technique whereby a new polyethylene (PE) pipe with an outer diameter smaller than the bore of the existing main, is either pulled or pushed into the host pipe. As PE pipes can be joined together using the butt-fusion technique, long lengths of pipe can be installed quickly and efficiently for a cost-effective solution to pipe installation.

A total of 1.6 km of 800 mm PE potable water pipe supplied by Radius Systems was successfully installed using the slip-lining technique and inserted into the existing ductile iron host pipe without disruption to the natural habitat. A pipe SDR of 11 was selected, as this would give South West Water the pressure and capacity they require to satisfy the growing demand for drinking water in the Plymouth area.

John Williams, project manager for Radius Subterra said: ‘Working on such an impressive project has been challenging and rewarding. The works have gone very well and we completed the installation and commissioning of the pipeline within the agreed timescale.’

Mayflower Water Treatment Works is part of an ambitious £60M scheme to build a new state-of-the-art water treatment works, which will use cutting-edge treatment processes to serve drinking water to around 250,000 customers in Plymouth and the surrounding area.

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