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Scottish Water

Crawhill to Gowanbank Main

Contractor: George Leslie
Location: Westfield nr. Bathgate, West Lothian


1000mm SDR 17 PE100 Pipe and 1000mm DN150 Branch Saddle Installation


The project involved the replacement of a leaking metallic potable main with a polyethylene (PE) system. The new infrastructure was installed in a tight construction window to keep residential and environmental impact to a minimum.

The Details

Initial communications between Radius Systems and George Leslie established PE pipe rates and production capabilities, however it soon became apparent that pipe price was not the sole factor in building a better and more cost effective system. George Leslie were keen to consider the fact that Radius Systems could not only supply their pipe and fittings but were also able to offer the services of RadiusPLUS – the Radius in-house installation and training team.

RadiusPLUS were able to supply and install 1000mm x 150mm branch saddles for air valve and wash out points.

RadiusPLUS were able to supply and install 1000mm x 150mm branch saddles for air valve and wash out points. RadiusPLUS allows Radius Systems to offer a unique service as a PE pipe systems supplier and is at the forefront of introducing innovations into the gas and water industry. By buying the products and services as a package from Radius, the system integrity can be improved and overall infrastructure costs reduced.

Once the 1000mm PE pipes were delivered to site, George Leslie concentrated on the butt welding of the pipes. There was no need for interruption of welding operations to mechanically build in air valve and wash out points.

Once the pipeline was welded the RadiusPLUS service team was deployed to site from their Livingston depot to weld seven 1000mm x 150mm branch saddles. All products were installed and operations completed within the week. George Leslie’s enthusiasm for innovation was refreshing and so through fewer joints on the pipeline they were able to reap the added benefit of reduced installation costs in comparison to conventional methods of construction.

The close working relationship between George Leslie and Radius Systems on this project allowed the infrastructure to be built in a much shorter timescale than if traditional mechanical fittings had been used for the air valve and wash out points. As a result, cost savings were made on materials and labour and environmental impacts were reduced.

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