Making Connections

Our teams are fully competent in under-pressure connections  and will carry out all preparatory works for a fast and efficient service.

Live Connections

We keep your gas & water supply on…

Our expertise is making connections to live PE or metallic mains to maintain zero interruption to your customers’ gas or water supply.

Keeping You Connected

If you need a connection during the construction of a new pipeline, or retrospectively on an existing main to alter or extend your pipeline network without interrupting supply, we can help.

Our particular know-how is connecting onto polyethylene pipes using electrofusion saddles, whilst the pipes are pressurised. Our skills extend to metallic pipe systems with the provision of services for sizing of metallic pipes, production of hot tap or bolted tee connections and the related drilling services.

We are a GIRS registered company for non-routine complex connection off-takes, particularly skilled in gas utility street works and in the private sector. In the water sector, we are skilled in making connections to both trunk mains and to distribution mains; whether it is for a branch connection, with zero interruption of supply, or the provision of hydrants or air valve for retrospective connections to the pipeline network.

Our services include all preparatory works, installation of the saddle and drilling valves, together with welding, pressure testing and commissioning of the new connection.

Guaranteed joint integrity
Saving time and costs on operations
Minimal disruption to customers
Small excavations
QA system and reporting thanks to bespoke data capture technology

Equal Tee Connections

Our equal tee connections mean NO reduction in capacity.

We can provide solutions for both polyethylene and metallic pipelines

PE pipeline connections

We have continuously innovated and invested in a market leading range of approved live PE pipeline connection solutions that avoid using expensive pipeline squeeze-off methods.  That’s why our exclusive range of ultra large diameter outlet electrofusion saddles are approved to EN 12201,  EN 15555 or GIS/PL2 part 4, with outlets up to 300mm in diameter.

Our MiniMuss under-pressure connection service uses specially designed PE branch saddles that are sized to fit your pipeline, saving time and installation costs, with zero interruption and reduced disruption to customers.

  • Approved for gas and water applications
  • Single welded joint with increased fusion integrity
  • Fit up to 1200 mm PE pipelines
  • Up to 300 mm outlets
  • Exclusive range of equal tee branch saddles
    • 90 x 90 mm
    • 125 x 125 mm
    • 180 x 180 mm

Metallic hot tap or bolted tees

Our expertise in working with metallic pipes means that we can offer a range of under-pressure solutions for your metallic pipeline, allowing you to carry out planned or emergency work on your live gas or water pipeline, without interruption of supply to your customers.

Our under pressure drilling service can be carried out on all gas and water cast iron, ductile iron, steel pipeline and asbestos cement pipelines, with minimum excavation and reduced installation time.

  • Approved for gas and water applications
  • Off-takes from 80 mm up to 600 mm
  • Callipering service
  • Supply and fit
  • Site report complete with pressure test

We’ve earned a reputation as the go-to experts in our field, but don’t take our word for it...

When it comes to choosing the right supplier we know nothing says more than what our customers think of our services.

Our Services

Live Connections

Live Connections

Need an under-pressure connection during the construction of a new pipeline, or retrospectively...
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Flow Stopping

Flow Stopping

We isolate your gas and water pipelines for safe planned or emergency work...
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Pressure Testing
& Commissioning

Pressure Testing & Commissioning

We validate the leak-tightness, safety, and reliability of your pipeline.
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Pipeline Rehabilitation

Pipeline Rehabilitation

We restore integrity to your problematic mains, eradicate leakage and fix water quality.
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CCTV Inspection

CCTV Inspection

We assess your pipeline's condition to ensure your operations are managed without a hitch
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Fabricated Fittings

Fabricated Fittings

We produce special fabrications to fit your pipeline design to complete your installation
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