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Protection & Rehabilitation

An innovative solvent-free lining solution, SubcoteTM FLP forms a resistant barrier layer for the protection and renovation of metallic structures and pipeline networks in diameters from 75mm to 1500mm.

A fast-setting polyurethane resin with high adhesion properties, which has been used for several years for the renovation of drinking water pipelines, SubcoteTM FLP is developed and manufactured by Subterra at our UK plant. 

Fast drying, SubcoteTM FLP allows for re-commissioning within one hour of spraying to ensure that your pipelines or equipment can be returned to service quickly, as well as enabling fast renovation work to be undertaken in areas with limited access. Furthermore, it will not block service outlets, removing the need for reconnections.

Using a dedicated hand spraying system the resin can be applied to structures or equipment, whilst a dedicated machine can be used to spray the resin onto or into pipelines in coatings from 1mm up to 7mm in a single pass to new pipelines at the point of manufacture, or in-situ to existing mains that need rehabilitation.

The two components of Subcote FLP are pre-heated in the storage tanks for supplying the main proportioning pump (HVR). The HVR unit dispenses the Subcote FLP at the correct mix ratio (1.5 A : 1 B by volume). The materials are then  boost heated and fed separately under high pressure to the application gun. The two materials under pressure are projected in the form of fine jets  at each other from opposite sides of the plenum chamber of the gun. 

The impact of the two jets both atomises and mixes the two components intimately (generally referred to as “impingement mixing”), and the mixed atomised material is projected from the gun by a stream of compressed air.

The impingement mixer spray guns we use includes a specially-modified Probler P2 unit.

  • For applications that require a range or difference in volumetric ratio
  • Allows you to spray ratios from 1:1 to 2.5:1
  • Infinitely adjustable volume ratio
  • Easy to dial in and adjust the exact output of both A and B materials
  • Dispenses polyurethane foams and polyurea coatings

Case Studies

High Build Spray Lining

Rehabilitation of 500m of a corroded reservoir outlet using a fast drying, high build spray lining to minimise disruption and restore water quality.

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