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Subline PF

Site Folded PE Liners

Suitable for the renovation and protection of steel, ductile iron, cast iron, asbestos cement and other pipelines to prevent corrosion and seal cracks or leaks.

Our Subline PF thin-walled, close-fit polyethylene lining technologies offer an interactive, semi structural solution for the renovation of pipelines.

Thin-walled polyethylene pipe is welded on site into long lengths and pushed through a former that folds the liner pipe into a compact cross section. The folded pipe is then strapped with temporary bands and inserted into the host pipeline using standard sliplining techniques.

Once installed, the folded pipe is pressurised, allowing it to revert back to its original shape. This retains the pipe capacity and forms a continuous, pressure-tight close-fit lining within the host pipe.

Case Studies


Rehabilitation of a water mains trunk supply with major leakage, spanning 538m using the Subline Close Fit PE Lining System.

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Rehabilitation of 440m of 24” gas main pipe in London, to maximise gas flow capacity, whilst minimising disruption to service.

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